Why You Should Apply

Apply today - no application fee required.

Here are just a few reasons students apply to UConn's Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) program. If any of these ring true for you, consider UConn's BGS program to complete your degree. Application is currently open. 

  • Left college early? Maybe you left college before earning your full degree to get a job or join the military. Maybe a difficult family situation precluded you from finishing.
  • Bounced around between different colleges? Perhaps you started at one community college, but moved to another state and transferred to a different school. It's not unusual for BGS students to have earned credits from several schools.
  • Want to go to graduate school? Thinking of changing careers? Some of our students go onto graduate school. Often they are either close to completing their degree, or already have a degree, but need to build up credits in a specific area in order to apply to graduate school. For example, you may want to pursue a nursing or doctoral degree, but lack some of the required science courses. Our counselors can work with you, no matter which direction you're headed.
  • Not sure what you want to major in? Perhaps you earned an Associate's Degree at a local community college and don't know what you want to study.
  • Struggling to finish your major, such as Biology or Engineering? If you find you cannot complete your major without staying at UConn longer than the traditional four-year route, the BGS program may be the best option to finish up.
  • Left for a professional athletic position? With UConn's fantastic athletic programs, it's not unusual for some student athletes to leave early for an opportunity in the professional leagues. When they want to return, our BGS program is always here for them.
  • Is the lack of a college degree handicapping your career advancement? Many organizations require their employees to have a Bachelor's degree in order to get promotions or earn raises. BGS is great for students facing that professional fork in the road.
  • In your retirement years? Maybe earning a college degree is a dream you've always had, but had no idea how to move forward. Or maybe you have a degree, but are interested in continuing your education in a new way.