Uncompromising. Flexible. Convenient.
Achieve your college goals with a flexible degree completion program.
Complete your degree at your pace on your schedule. Developed by UConn with the busy student in mind, the Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) degree offers convenient daytime and evening classes at each UConn Campus - with a growing number of online classes available too.

Have you earned an associate’s degree or 60 credits and:

Seek a transition to a new career?

Seek a promotion or new position in your current field?

Find yourself unemployed and need a degree to get the job you want.

Are returning to the workforce after a number of years?

Or, do you want to apply to graduate school but lack the needed credentials to do so?

Or are you simply wishing to fulfill a life-long dream of getting your Bachelor's degree?

No matter why you want to complete your degree, the thought of returning to school can be overwhelming, especially if you're trying to balance work and family life. Thankfully, there's a great option that makes it much easier to tie your past academic experiences together—even if those credits come from multiple colleges—and ultimately earn your college degree: the University of Connecticut's (UConn's) Bachelor of General Studies (BGS).

This degree completion program is available at all five UConn campuses and offers both daytime and evening classes, along with online options. You'll take courses you enjoy—you can even take courses that apply directly to your current job. You can also start with just one course—a great option for anyone who wants to get their feet wet and build confidence—then create a plan that fits your schedule.

So, do you need an Associate's degree to apply? Absolutely not! We simply require that you have 60 college credits earned from a regionally accredited institution(s). And because this is a "general studies" degree, we allow the transfer of up to 30 "unassigned" elective credits—in some cases, even those that may not be an exact equivalent to what UConn offers. This helps you get to 120 credits much more quickly and cost effectively. Of those 120 credits, just 30 must be earned at UConn.

While the road ahead may seem uncertain, you'll have continual one-on-one support from our experienced academic advisor. With your determination and their guidance, you will get where you want to go—and end up with a college degree from one of the nation's top 20 public universities.

We are currently accepting applications. Apply today. No application fee is required.


Judy Lopez, UConn Bachelor of General Studies
Judy Lopez

Student, Bachelor of General Studies


"I didn't want to be sitting in the limbo pile, just waiting another 20 years until I could retire. I am looking at the next phase of my life. The years go by anyway, so why not do something worthwhile like returning to school?"

Michael Brockette, UConn Bachelor of General Studies
Michael Brockette

Student, Bachelor of General Studies


"The BGS program changed my life in such a big way. I did feel discouraged initially, but when I found out about the program, I remember saying to myself, 'Yes, I can do this! Yes, I can get my Bachelor's degree and even apply to graduate school!"